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Europe By Todd Lapato When we visit churches across America, we are often asked what life is like in Australia. I answer that I don't know but I have always wanted to visit. In Austria we have never seen kangaroos or crocodiles. A lot of people see our display and think it says “Australia.” The tourist shops have even cashed in on this, selling t-shirts with a picture of a kangaroo with a line through it saying “no kangaroos in Austria.” It seems many know very little, if anything, about Austria. Some begin to sing, “The hills are alive with the sound of music…,” knowing that The Sound of Music was filmed there (by the way most Austrians have never heard of it). Some imitate Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice (apparently to Americans he is the most famous of all Austrians). Some know of the beautiful 4 Alpine mountains that cover two thirds of Austria. However, to my family and me, Austria is a place of great spiritual darkness. This darkness is masked by the beautiful scenery, the old picturesque villages, and the Austrian people, who are among the friendliest on earth. This darkness is even covered up by religious tradition. Austria has hundreds of churches older than the USA. Most Austrians would call themselves Catholic and consider anything else to be a cult. The few Bible believing churches are normally very small—often less than 25 people. In one Austrian village we conducted surveys for months and invited people to discuss the results with us in five Friday evening meetings. Although thousands of invitations were passed out, only two