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Volume 15, Issue 1 Spring 2015 Joyce’s Journal - 2015 They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness (Lamentations 3:23). This verse reminds me of the marvelous blessings as well as the faithfulness of God that my husband and I saw while recently (January 26-February 16) visiting some of our military churches in Europe. We had the privilege of being with a number of our BIMI military missionaries while there. The first church we visited was the Heritage Baptist Church in Mehlingen, Germany, where Don Drake is the pastor. While we were at Heritage, we met an airman, Mario, who has been in the Air Force for over 10 years. Mario, his wife, Dayza, and three children have been faithfully serving the Lord at several of our military churches while he has been in the Air Force. He sat down with us in his home and shared how God has been dealing with him about giving his life after military service to the Military Ministry as a missionary. Pray for Mario and Dayza as they seek God’s perfect will. The second church we visited was Calvary Baptist Church in Aviano, Italy. This is the church where Chris War is the missionary pastor. I was so surprised to see a young man by the name of Michael who faithfully served God as a child and teenager in the New York City church and school ministry where I served as a single BIMI missionary for many years. I had not seen Michael in 17 years. He has been in the Air Force for 15 years, serving the Lord in military churches along with his lovely wife and three children. What joy this brought me! It is worth serving the Lord and seeing the results of God’s faithfulness. Dr. Jeff Alverson, Director/Editor Rev. Steve Nutt, Assistant Editor Dr. James Kennard, Military International Representative Our third visit was with Wiesbaden Baptist Church in Wiesbaden, Germany. This is a new ministry where God has led Brent Skillen to minister as pastor. He, along with Larry Simenson, will do a great job for the Lord. God’s faithfulness proved to be great again. My husband preached a missions conference there that week and on the third night we saw three young people of our military accept Christ. Lamentations 3:23 reminds me that tomorrow morning I have something to look forward to as well as every morning—God’s faithfulness is new every morning if we look for it.