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Prayer Letter Excerpts Brandyn, Alicia, and Dawsyn Knight — In order for us to make the needed preparations for departing this year to Iwakuni, Japan, w ​ e will need to have at least 90% of our support coming in regularly and the other 10% at least verbally committed. This is a very tangible goal but one that will not be possible without the prayers of God’s people and most importantly God’s blessing. We will be traveling through Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi during March and April.  Joseph and Laura Passaro — To begin this prayer letter, let me update you on our survey trip to Stuttgart, Germany. First, I must thank our supporting churches and friends for your prayers. The trip went very smoothly and without any issues.  Praise the Lord! Second, our visit to the Stuttgart area was very profitable.  We were able to be with one of our previous members, Russell (Harvest Baptist Church, Bamberg), who drove us around the area. During this time we noticed several communities outside of Panzer Gate (this is one of four bases in Stuttgart) in which we could live and start the new church plant.  Please pray for these concerns.  Last, I was able to preach or give an update in three different churches. Two of these were German works and one a military work. Matt and Diane Olsen — New ministries are up and running now. The men’s ministries include the monthly fellowships and weekly discipleship emphases. Praise the Lord we have a couple of men who are heading up those ministries. The ladies ministries include the weekly Bible study and the monthly fellowship, which Diane leads. The children’s ministries ​are Sunday school, children’s church, and the mid-week Bible club called “Kids 4 Missions,” all of which Diane teaches as well. We have several teens now and have started a youth outreach ministry. Steve and Debbie Kissling — Please pray with us that Lighthouse Baptist Church will be a place where Navy folks can come and understand how to trust the Lord as Savior and learn to grow and serve Him. Also pray that we can be a witness to Japanese people as we give them tracts. Chris and Junior Parker — In spite of what some of you may have heard, Junior and I have no plans to leave Iwakuni until God moves us! It is true that the Knights, a young missionary family, are coming to work with us—but not to replace us. As the base population increases, there will be much to do. We will be working with the Knights as a team to reach the lost and minister to the saved. Pray for them to reach their needed support level. We need them here soon. Jesse and Lynne Pilalas — It is a wonderful thing in ministry to get to baptize someone you led to the Lord!  Recently, I was privileged to baptize an airman stationed at Misawa Air Base. He has been coming to everything he can and is excited to learn about his newfound faith. Don and Patsy Drake  —  In November I was invited to speak on our Baptist beliefs at a German high school. For two hours I sat in a circle with 20 or more ninth graders and two teachers who asked me one question after another. I had such liberty and was able to give them the Gospel over and over again as the questions came to me. One girl was so excited and interested that she stated in front of her peers, to my surprise, that she wanted to convert from her Roman Catholicism to Baptist and wanted to know how to do this. What an opportunity to tell her she needed to trust Christ as her Savior, find a good sound independent Baptist church, and follow the Lord in believer’s baptism! Jeff and Joyce Alverson  —  We look forward with great anticipation to what the Lord is going to do this year in the Military Ministry mission field.  There are 2.4 million people currently serving in our nation’s armed forces.  It is both our goal and desire to get the Gospel message to all of them and to have a good Bible-believing church near every military base. Thank you for partnering with us in this great endeavor.  Dave and Mary Williamson — Thanks so much for all of the prayers and support for our ministry.  In June 1995 we officially came on with Baptist International Missions—20 years!  God has richly blessed as we continue to travel and serve the Lord, helping military churches around the world. Ed and Elvie Navato —  Elvie led a sailor, Fabienne, to Christ on the first Sunday of 2015. Ruby led children to Christ from her Sunday school class.  Jenny led Irene to Christ.  Cliff led Dominica and Malek to Christ.  Ethel led Japanese women to Christ. I had the blessings of leading four sailors to Christ in and out of the church house, including a Commander and a Navy senior officer when I went on visitation and soul winning with John.  The Lord Jesus Christ saved 18 souls and I baptized seven to date. Pray for their spiritual growth. Danny and Haruna McKittrick — We have the opportunity to buy the land and building we are currently renting.  This is a big deal as the church has been renting for the last 40 years (and still does not own a thing). If we could own this land, then we would never have to worry about forfeiting the property in the case of the landlord’s death or a change in location. Owning this property would eventually allow us to ease the heavy financial burden of renting in Tokyo.  Please pray for us as this is a delicate decision. “Not  that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God” (2 Corinthians 3:5). Al and Elizabeth Hamilton — As our numbers have increased, we have more  people serving and allowing the responsibility to  be spread around. For example, Elizabeth (who had been able to attend only 2–4 church services a year due to teaching children’s classes and nursery work) will now be able to spend 2 services a week in the auditorium. This is a direct result of more people seeing the need and being mature enough to help out. Jason and Leah Harvell — January marked the beginning of our Bible institute at the church. We have been blessed with 23 students who are coming for three hours on Monday nights and studying the Word of God. This has been a great time of learning and growing in the knowledge of the Scriptures. We ask that you pray that students will not only grow but also apply what is learned to their daily lives.