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Chris and Lou Anne War — Marriage problems within the military community, even among Christian couples, are very common. Please pray for our military folks and their families around the world.  Pray for their marriages, their families, and for their salvation. Recently, Henry came to me and said, “Pastor, I need to be baptized so I can join the church.” On a chilly morning in March, Henry was baptized and added to Calvary Baptist Church. Please pray for Henry. He recently told me that God has called him to be a Baptist missionary.   Larry and Phyllis Simensen — The end of last year, God opened an opportunity to relocate.  In our previous letter I had mentioned looking at a building just a few minutes from the military housing area. After much prayer, we decided that if God was opening this door, He would provide the resources to make the move.  We literally stepped out on faith and signed a three-year contract. The overall rent for the building is about four hundred Euro higher than our previous location.  We began to see God work. First of all, Phyllis and I were able to move out of our house in Taunusstein a month early without having to paint the apartment.  The new church location has enough room for a Prophet’s Chamber so Phyllis and I moved into the new location. Secondly, we were able to move out of the old church location a month early without having to paint the walls or repair any damage. As of January 1, we assumed full responsibility for our new location. Bob and Becky Ingram — It has been a while since I have given an update of our ministries at Fort Benning. God continues to bless us beyond any expectations we could hope.  We have recorded over 1,000 soldiers attending our post Bible studies so far this year. God is still in the soul saving business, and we have witnessed 196 precious souls saved. Glory to God. Amen! Two Services - One LORD, One Savior By Warren (Al) Allshouse (Thailand) While walking home from language school in Thailand with a fellow missionary Brother Jeff Gross, we were talking about what the Lord has done for us. I mentioned that we had served the Lord in Okinawa with Maranatha Baptist Church, a mission work to the US Military stationed there. He said he had heard of the church and that he was really impressed with the work the Military Ministry of BIMI was doing around the world. The Lord impressed upon my heart how much the Military Ministry has meant in my life and how many other current and former men and women of the US Military could say the same. I know every church of which we have been a member has had an outreach to the service members stationed near them—mostly because of the work of the Military Ministry of BIMI. I was saved while in the Air Force and I came to know, really know, the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior while a member of the US Air Force. It was because of my friend and fellow service member Bob Seaman. The church where he was a member, Glenville Bible Baptist Church, Wichita, Kansas, encouraged servicemen and women to reach out to other servicemen and women. My family and I were saved in that church. I often wonder how many churches around military installations reach out to the military families stationed near them. I served in the military for 22 ½ years and have been retired from military life for 25 years this month. I will celebrate 20 years with BIMI this year. Nineteen of those years were with Maranatha Baptist Church, Okinawa Japan, working with Marine, Army, Navy, and Air Force servicemen and women stationed there. I do not know what would have become of me or my relationship with the Lord if it were not for the Military Ministry of BIMI and churches around the world willing to make the service member and his family feel welcomed. The military has taken us back and forth across the States and to foreign lands, but we have always been able to find a church home. Now, I am serving the God I met while in the military on the mission field of Thailand. No servicemen or women are here, but the need is still the same—to know Christ as their Savior. The military prepared me for the mission ahead, just like the military churches and the Lord prepared me for the mission field. I want to say, “Thank You” to the Military Ministry of BIMI. I praise the Lord for the men and women who are serving as missionaries to the military. Even though some may not have been in the military, their hearts and the calling of God are to the US Military. Thank You and God bless you.