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and soul winning. I took Brother Danny to soul winning and visitation often. We took many of his shipmates to Subway and shared the Gospel. Brother Danny became a tremendous soul winner even aboard his carrier. Sometimes while underway, he led Bible studies with over 40 sailors in attendance. He also led a discipleship group. Many local churches in the States have each member in attendance almost year-round. When most of the US Naval ships are underway, our attendance decreases significantly. Most of the ships were all underway for humanitarian missions after the tsunami in 2011. There are times that there are more women and children in our church services than there are men. We go out in the streets for our Men’s Soul Winning, Ladies’ Soul Winning, and Family Visitation and Soul Winning. We are required to purchase a police permit for a maximum of seven times during the month to be able to go to the city and pass out Gospel tracts. Our people attempt to engage the passersby in conversation to be able to share the Gospel. Most of them will not talk to us or accept a Gospel tract. Mrs. Ruby Takahashi, our church clerk, treasurer, and wife of our deacon Brother Kaz, also wins souls and disciples new converts. She returned to her native country of the Philippines twice to witness to the relatives of the ladies she led to the Lord in Yokosuka. In July 2014 she led over 17 souls to Christ in the planes, airports, taxicabs, and her friends’ homes. US Military churches overseas have many struggles but are also blessed beyond measure. How do you operate a local church with a high turnover rate for most members? How do you sustain the finances to rent a building and pay for the utilities and other operational expenses? How can you support missionaries when “giving members” transfer all the time? How do you operate the church ministries when your only deacon, congregational song leader, choir members, ushers, most of your Sunday school teachers, nursery workers, and soul winners leave in the same year? Praise the Lord for the new families He sends us. Some former members come back as well. It is only by God’s grace that we are able to support over 40 missionaries every month. There have been 318 known professions of faith and 70 baptisms since July 1, 2011, to date. Dr. David Snyder, the President and General Director of BIMI, preached during our 2014 Faith Promise Missions Revival when some of our members surrendered to missions. They still need to be screened and trained. Our daughter Lynne and son-in-law Jesse Pilalas are also missionaries to the US Military at Faith Baptist Church near Misawa Air Base located in northern Japan. Our son Eli will be a junior at West Coast Baptist College, majoring in Secondary Education. Please pray for Yokosuka Baptist Church and the Navato family as we minister to the US Military and reach our generation for the Lord Jesus Christ in Japan through soul winning and reach the regions beyond through worldwide missions giving.