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Indigenous Church Award Presented Scott & Jennifer Cornoyer and Bob Larson It is always a joy to celebrate a milestone with a church planter and his church. Pastor Scott Cornoyer and his wife, Jennifer, are former Reseeding America church planters. In 2007 they planted High Point Independent Baptist Church and have just recently led this church to become fully self-supporting! It was an honor recently to present the pastor, his wife, and the church the “Reseeding America Indigenous Church Award.” Brother Cornoyer has now notified all of his supporting churches that he no longer needs mission support. Those supporting churches in turn can now reinvest in another USA church plant! Praise the Lord! New Church Planters Join BIMI Reseeding America This past December two new church planting families joined the Reseeding America Team. They are the Azzarello family from Oakdale, California, and the Matney family from Longview, Texas. David and Teresa Azzarello are not new to church planting. God has used them to start three new churches in the state of California since 2010. They will be raising full-time support to plant churches on the Interstate 99 corridor in California. The Azzarellos will start churches, get them established, and then turn them over to pastors. They will then go on to plant another new church and repeat the process. They are presently David & Teresa Azzarello raising support and booking meetings for the coming (209) 845-9688 year. Please pray for them and consider them for your or (209) 550-1433 next missions conference or a Church Planting or Missions Sunday. 10 John and Chrystal Matney have answered God's call to restart churches here in the United States that have gone into decline or that have closed. John has served as an assistant pastor in the past at a church that was restarted. He and Chrystal recently assisted the Nathan Owens family (BIMI Reseeding America Church Planters) in a successful restart of a church on the northeast side of Tyler, Texas, at Whitehouse. The Matney family will also be raising full-time support to restart churches. They will reopen or restart a church, get it established, and then lead the church to call a pastor. At that point, they will move on to the next church restart and repeat that process. Please pray for them and consider them for your next missions conference or a Church John & Chrystal Matney Planting or Missions Sunday. (903) 662-1563 Reseeding America – Spring 2015