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On the Deputation BIMI Trail Director By Bob Larson, USA Reseeding America church planting families have been busy on the deputation trail this past year. It has been exciting to hear how God has used them. Souls have been saved, Christians have been encouraged along the way, and doors have been opened. The Living God has provided our families with safety, meetings, support, and even some car repairs along the way! As I visit with our church planters who are raising support, it is a joy to see how God has increased their faith. A church planter who does not experience a time of deputation may miss many blessings and opportunities for spiritual growth and maturing. As our families present their ministries and burdens, many good ideas and friendships can be developed as they meet pastors and their congregations. Another blessing is seeing how God provides our church planters with ideas and inspiration during deputation. A number of our families hold meetings in new churches while on deputation and that can be a real time of learning and inspiration as well as a time of sharing. I believe another aspect that is so essential and sometimes overlooked is that our deputation church planters develop a list of churches who will faithfully pray for them during their ministry. Scott and Tricia Crabtree have been very busy since Candidate School in June 2014. They are raising support to plant deaf churches in metropolitan cities in America. Meanwhile, John and April McDaniel are raising support and are headed to New Mexico to work with the Native Americans in the northwestern part of the state. If your church would consider them for support or have them come for a meeting or missions conference or church planting conference, you may contact them. Scott & Tricia Crabtree (865) 314-0815 Video Phone: (614) 515-5928 John & April McDaniel (562) 900-7352