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Recent Updates from Reseeding America Church Planters We are doing well. We had six new people on Sunday: an older couple, their daughter and son-in-law, and the two grandkids 8 & 11 years-of-age. Ed & Barb O'Brien - Hispanic Church Planters, Mountain Home, North Carolina Thank you for praying for us. God has been good and things are going well; we are in our new building! God has blessed with a group of sweet people. Ed is taking treatments and having side effects but we are trusting God. (Editor's note: Ed was diagnosed with cancer in December 2014. Please pray for him and his family.) Ed & Mary Beard – Church Planters, Annapolis, Maryland We have doubled our attendance from what it was just three months ago! We attribute this to word of mouth and people coming to the business next door and seeing a church next to the business. Our people are so excited to see the numerical and spiritual growth in the church! They are making new friends and really enjoying themselves, which for us is a great encouragement! Recently, four of us spent about an hour after everyone else was gone to rearrange the chairs several times in order to figure out how to get more chairs in the auditorium. We will be buying more chairs and talking to the owner of the building about partially removing a main wall in the auditorium for more space. We also had three more grandchildren born in the last month. Jorge & Anne Noriega – Hispanic Church Planters, Las Vegas, Nevada Praise the Lord! We had one of our best ever winter services this past Sunday. As far as attendance, January and February are tough months here in Connecticut because of weather and illness that keep a lot people home and perhaps sometimes discouraged. David & Annette Townsley – Church Planters, Terryville, Connecticut 12 Reseeding America – Spring 2015