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By Bob Larson, BIMI USA Director, Reseeding America Ministry Alan and Sabrina Davis have labored faithfully in the Bronx since 1984. Hundreds of souls have been won to Christ through this inner city ministry. Their church has met in many different meeting places. The most recent meeting place was renovated serveral years ago by volunteers and has been both functional and attractive. The problem they have had to deal with over the past few years is that the space they rented for their church services is in a building that is very large. The New York City Building Department has been aggressive and has clamped down on the issuing of a permanent Certificate of Occupancy to their church. This problem was the result of building code violations beyond their control. Because Alan did not have a permanent Certificate of Occupancy, it was going to cause major problems with the Fire Department and the regulations concerning occupying the building. After applying for numerous temporary certificates of occupancy and trying to work with the owner of the building, they felt it was best to leave their present location. After praying about the move, they set a date to leave their facility. Plans were made to move out of their rented building space and start the fundraising process to purchase their own building. The plan was not easy to share with their congregation, especailly when the church would have to split up and meet in several different locations while Alan and Sabrina traveled to local churches to seek funds for a new building. However, Alan and Sabrina both felt it was time to purchase a building to give their ministry more stability and permanency in the inner city. The BIMI Reseeding America leadership was also in total agreement with such a plan. 6 Reseeding America – Spring 2015