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On Sunday, November 23, 2014, I preached for Bronx Building Baptist Church as Pastor Davis challenged his people to pray and trust God for great things concerning a building they could purchase there in the Bronx in New York City. What I witnessed that day at this church was amazing! The people were praying and trusting God for a miracle. As Pastor Davis shared his vision for the future and the fundraising ahead, the people were right there with him. Many commented on how big our God really is and how they were going to trust the Lord for a building and believe the Lord when it came to His many promises to provide. The congregation had a willing spirit to do what they could through their giving so that God would bless them as well as provide a building. I came away from the services that day truly motivated to trust God for BIG THINGS!! Pastor Davis leading Bronx Building Baptist Church in prayer Pastor Davis sharing with his church how fundraising will be necessary to purchase a permanent building Please pray for Alan and Sabrina. Realtors in the Bronx have told them that most, if not all, realtors working within the city will want to pre-qualify any client with whom they work. To pre-qualify or gain the attention of a real estate firm in the inner city, one must have thousands of dollars on hand. So the first goal is to raise enough funds to be able to start looking for a suitable meeting place. As this inner city church planter visits churches this year, he will share his burden and passion for the lost and the need for a permanent building. Thousands of dollars will have to be raised. At the same time, his people will be meeting back in the Bronx during services to pray, worship, and give so that God will provide a building for their church. The mountain we face in the inner cities of America is exactly what the Davis family has faced for years. It is possible in metro America to win people to Christ and see them baptized and grow in the Lord. The problem is trying to establish a ministry in the inner city. Buildings and property are astronomically high. We have had to go outside the major cities to raise funds to purchase property in the inner cities of the United States. This is not the way we want it but simply the way things are in 2015. Will you help us with this major fundraising project? Contact Brother Davis and schedule a meeting with him and his Alan & Sabrina Davis wife. Invite them to your next missions conference (646) 314-3617 and let them share their passion for the inner city. Reseeding America – Spring 2015 7