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THE BIRD'S Tricia EYE VIEW by Scott & Crabtree As I entered the house, I saw my wife on the phone with her mom. She was silent for a moment, tried to speak, and then began to cry. I braced myself for bad news, but let me start from the beginning. June 15, 2014—our own personal “D-Day”—our first meeting on deputation. A great deal of soul searching and prayer had gone into this decision. I would be lying if I said it was an easy one. It was not. I have worked with the deaf for 30 years but always in a full-time capacity on staff. I truly believed that we lived a life of faith, but did we really? Sure, I had seen the Lord bless, BUT had my faith ever been tested without safety nets? Did I even WANT my faith to be tested, possibly melting in the day of adversity like the chocolate soldiers in one of C.T. Studd's sermons? You can learn about faith, teach about it, sing about it, and tiptoe all around it, BUT until you experience it for yourself—it is just a word. We rely on our own strength, making sure all the bases are covered and THEN call it faith. Psalm 37:25 states: I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread. How many times had I read that verse but secretly wondered if I truly believed it. Would I believe it now? As we started out, we looked at our finances, set goals to prepare, and sat down with our children to discuss the future. As the last paycheck came, we knew it no longer depended upon us but solely upon God. In the beginning, our needs—even our wants—were taken care of by some of the most amazing Christians. And then came December 6. While we were traveling, the RPMs on our SUV began to jump off the charts. My wife thought we were going to blow up right then and there. I thought it would be a simple $175 repair, but after seven hours we were told we would have to leave it over the weekend. (BUT we would get FREE windshield wipers in the process!) We rented a car and headed to our meetings. That Monday on the phone we heard one of the most hideous and gut- wrenching statements ever spoken in the history of mankind—“You need a new TRANSMISSION!!!” Dollar signs, weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth were going through my head. We could not get the SUV until Thursday. 8 Reseeding America – Spring 2015