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When all was said and done, this entire escapade cost us over $4,200. BUT, hey, we got FREE windshield wipers! I would not allow myself to become angry, so I thought, “What devastating event did God protect us from by breaking down then? What if we had blown a tire with more serious consequences?” With this in mind, my wife found humor in coming up with the following: T rust in the Lord R est in His Promises A sk and Ye Shall Receive N o Need to Fret S eek His Face M editate on His Word I nvest in the Eternal (not in SUVs) S tand Still (since you're on the side of the road anyway) S ee the Salvation of the Lord I nner Peace O pen Your Eyes N ot My Will, but THINE, Lord (And what does that spell?) People say, “When you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself.” There are some things, though, that ONLY God can do. This situation was one of those things—where was God now? Through donations from Christians and two churches in Ohio, we still owed over $3,000. The week of Christmas we headed up to Rochester, New York, for a meeting. On the way there, we stopped in for a service at one of our supporting churches. Only a handful of people were there. After we left, the pastor texted us and said that the people committed to help us and would be sending a check for $2,631! We were stunned, to say the least, at their generosity and even more was sent later. We returned home. My mother-in-law's friend sent some money earlier to help with our repairs, so we sent her a thank you card. We told her how God had miraculously taken care of this financial burden and that the remaining debt was only about $600. A few days later, my wife got the phone call from her mom. I mouthed to her as she was crying, “What happened?” She said, “My mom just told me that her friend called and said that before she got our card, her daughter's family sent a check to BIMI for us for exactly $600.” Her tears were not tears of sadness but tears of joy at the goodness of God and what He had personally done for us through His people! The longer I live, the more I realize that God has a bird's eye view and sees the whole puzzle. He knows where all the pieces are and where they should go. We waste a great deal of time searching for the puzzle pieces in the couch or just trying to force one in the wrong spot. A strong wind may blow through, or a cat may chew up one of the pieces, but I NOW see how God is putting it all together piece-by-piece—a beautiful puzzle held together with the superglue of FAITH. Reseeding America – Spring 2015 9