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Church Planting in the Northeast Past & Present Compiled by Ken Catoe from information provided by John Bailes The church planting ministry of Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI) in the United States has its roots in the chapel ministry of Highland Park Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where John Bailes served as Chapel Director from 1972­–75. He worked closely with chapel pastors who would later plant churches with BIMI. John Morgan, who pastored a chapel while attending Tennessee Temple, John & Janet Morgan Frank & Dot Rosser came with BIMI in 1970. After counsel from Frank Rosser (first USA Director), he went to New York City where he and his wife, Janet, started the International Baptist Church. They began in a high rise apartment building in Brooklyn that housed 5,000 people. Under the leadership of the Morgans, the church reached thousands and grew to an average attendance of 400–500 and established a school and college. The church is now pastored by their son-in-law, Ray Cazis. New York City is a formidable mission field. That has not stopped several couples from going there to minister. Martin Pinion started a church on Staten Island. Alan and Bronx Building Sabrina Davis have labored in the Bronx Alan & Sabrina Davis Baptist Church for over 25 years while never having a permanent place to meet. Dana and Julie Dice moved from the Midwest to New York City to start a church in Jamaica, Queens. They continue to minister, along with their daughter and son-in-law, after 15 years. Coy and Nancy Shaw came from Brazil to start a Portuguese church in Astoria and have since gone back to Brazil. Coy & Nancy Shaw Dana & Julie Dice Harvey and Clarissa Sumner went to Pennsylvania where they planted a church and left it with a new facility. The Sumners later started Victory Baptist Church in Thomaston, Connecticut. John and Sandy Bailes planted Faith Baptist Church in Waldorf, Maryland. God blessed both of these churches with numerical growth and the ability to support many missionaries. Les & Darla Griffin Greg Whedbee joined BIMI and went to Norristown, Pennsylvania, and started Victory Baptist Church. Les Griffin is another church planter who was trained by pastoring several chapels during his time at Tennessee