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The Beauty of the Hills By Joyce Alverson Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised…in the mountain of his holiness. Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth…(Psalm 48:1–2). I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills....My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth (Psalm 121:1–2). We as missionaries most certainly could not do what the Lord has called us to do without HIS HELP! These verses come to mind when I think about the breathtaking view I had from my hotel window of the beautiful Swiss Alps. We were attending our BIMI Europe Military Field Conference in the Interlaken area of Beatenberg, Switzerland. This is a picture one would think could only be seen on a postcard, and it made me realize what a wonderful God and Creator and Savior we have. The conference was a time of refreshment and fun. We were given a Wonderful European Welcome at the retreat center where we stayed in Interlaken in the Alps. Several of our mis- sionaries went hiking up the Alps and had a great time. THIRD BLESSING: Activities for the Teens and Children of Our Missionaries We often forget the sacrifices made by our MKs who grow up on the mission field. Please join me in praying for our MKs that God will save them at a young age and keep them close to Him so they can be used in His service someday. It was so good to see our teens and children having fun! FIRST BLESSING: Time with Our Europe Missionaries We were able to fellowship with 21 out of 26 of our military missionaries who were present at the conference. Several of our military missionaries who were present for the conference have spent 20 plus years serving the Lord on the mission field. Chuck and Susan Sligh have been ministering to our military for over 30 years in Europe. The room where we had our daily services had lettering on the wall in German. I asked one of our missionaries to Germany what it said in English. For the joy of the Lord is your strength (Nehemiah 8:10). As I read this, I thought about all of our missionaries to Europe sitting in the room. It was evident by looking at their faces that their many years of service to our Lord there in Europe could not have been done without the joy of the Lord enabling them with the strength to do so. SECOND BLESSING: Refreshment with the Preaching of the Word Dr. David Snyder, our BIMI General Director, was able to attend our Field Conference. He was our keynote speaker for the week and encouraged our hearts with good preaching from the Word of God. God’s Word is always refreshing for a weary soul. A pastor from Chattanooga, Tennessee, did a great job with our teens, and two young ladies from Romania worked with the children. They were blessed with many fun activities provided for them on the premises. FOURTH BLESSING: Salvation of a German Young Lady Traveling from the border of Switzerland to Germany, we were stopped for five hours due to an unfortunate circumstance. While we were waiting, we met a young German girl named Tina. We were able to lead her to Christ. Pray as we keep in touch with her that we will be able to help her get into a good church. FIFTH BLESSING: Safety in Travels We praise the Lord for His safety in our travels and safety for all the Europe missionaries who were traveling from the Field Conference in Switzerland to other parts of Europe. Our next Military Field Conference is our Asia Military Field Conference in Japan in 2016. We will be meeting in Yokota, Japan. Missionary Pastor Danny McKittrick and the fine folks of Yokota Baptist Church will host the conference. Please pray for the Asia Military Field Conference to be held March 14–17, 2016.