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S he was a beautiful lady, married to a handsome young man with two beautiful children—everything to live for. One problem—she had a blood disease that could have been potentially fatal. Twice she had almost died. Facing such a life-threatening problem, she had sought hope in the traditional Japanese religions but had found none. The many religions of Japan and the Far East present the seeker with a combination of millions of gods, including Shinto and Buddhism. The Shinto religion, the prominent religion of Japan, includes a worship of the elements of nature. Every mountain, river, tree or other part of nature is thought to be animated by a deity, hence the young Japanese woman was surrounded daily by millions of gods—none of which could speak to her, help her, or give her peace. Having a disease that threatened her life and with eternity looming, she had made the statement, “I’ve got to find the true God.” She had heard of the missionary church Maranatha Baptist, but someone told her that only Americans went there. One day she saw the church and came to a service. There under the ministry of Missionary Steve Nutt (BIMI), she found the true God for whom she had been looking. At last she knew the true God and even more importantly she knew that ...the True God knew her. Reprinted by permission from James Ray (Nations Magazine, Volume 4, Number 2)