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South America This is Missions to Me! By Erika Cisler Before I became a missionary, I had little concept of what being a missionary actually entailed. As is the case with most missionaries, it was not until I arrived on the field that I fully understood what I was getting into. No turning back now! Though the culture shock was overwhelming enough, I was completely taken aback by a totally different experience as I faced the reality of missions—people! We had spent much time traveling around the United States, sharing statistics and facts about this needy country, and as a result my heart was burdened for the Uruguayan people. However, I had yet to truly understand the compassion the Lord wanted me to have for them. A few short months after arriving in Uruguay, I sat face-to-face with a lady named Claudia, listening to the heartbreak she felt for her lost children and for her devout Catholic family. She accepted the Lord as her Savior when she was nine but had strayed away from Him for many years. Now she is married to an unsaved man and raising three teenagers who do not care to listen to her talk about God. Her oldest daughter blatantly proclaims He does not exist. I just sat there listening with a mother’s broken heart as she spoke. 10