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Africa Not a Day Too Late By Bill Brouwer Sunday morning after the service, several men arrived at the church in Igekemaja. They had been sent by their grandmother to get the pastor and bring him to their village 30 km (18 miles) away. Pastor Pelegrino (Pele) was hesitant to go because he needed to travel to another village for the afternoon service. However, the men were insistent that he come right then. Finally, Pele, his family, and two men from the church took off for this unknown village. What they found made the trip totally worthwhile. There sat an elderly woman of 102 years of age. She had heard of the church and desperately wanted to know how to go to heaven. She, along with a group of 20 people, listened as Pele shared the good 12 news of the Gospel. This precious elderly woman and six other people accepted Christ as Savior! Ten days later Pastor Pelegrino received a phone call saying this 102-year-old woman had gone home—home to her Savior! W Bill and Tammy Brouwer are BIMI missionaries serving in the Lake Region of Mwanza, Tanzania. Their ministry is finding villages without a Gospel-preaching church—a village like the one mentioned in the article above. At this present time Bill and Pastor Pelegrino are making plans to plant an independent Baptist church in this village.