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Go To Carry Out Candidate School the Great Commission Go ye therefore (Matthew 28:19) by Dan DeLong As I introduce the June 2015 Candidate School class of Baptist International Missions, my thoughts turn to our theme for the year: Constrained by the Love of Christ to Carry out the Great Commission. Four ingredients that seem to surface over and over again can be seen in the word GO. As we look at what is necessary to fulfill this theme, our candidates were challenged to consider these four ingredients. The number one ingredient is a love for Christ that must prompt these future missionaries; it must drive them; it must guide them as they commit their lives to fulfill the Great Commission. Second, they must have a faith in Christ as He guides and directs them in the ministry to which He has called them. Simply put, they must TRUST Him! The third ingredient needed to carry out God’s command is a persistence, steadfastness, and faithfulness to do what God tells them to do. These are the characteristics that will keep them doing it and doing it and doing it! Last, our new pre-fielders were taught a fourth ingredient of the Great Commission. It is actually the first command—GO! They must GO. The Lord has left them, you, and me with clear instructions in Matthew 28:19 to Go ye therefore. These three words involve the most important aspect of the Great Commission—GO. My prayer for these candidates is that they wrap their entire lives around the Great Commission as they GO to their fields of service. I pray they never forget Christ loves them and has entrusted them with the Gospel as they prepare to GO to Carry out the Great Commission. In the following four pages I introduce to you the June 2015 Candidate School pre-field missionaries of BIMI. 13