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by David H. Snyder President/General Director During a recent trip to Africa, I was once again reminded that there is a tremendous need for mankind to hear the Gospel message. It is all too easy to stay focused on the small part of the world where we live and forget about the rest of God’s harvest field. My trip reconfirmed that there is a tremendous need for personnel, protection, power, provision, and prayer in fulfilling the task of worldwide evangelization. The need for missionary personnel is probably greater today than ever before. Jesus gave us one very particular prayer request for more labourers (Matthew 9:37– 38; Luke 10:2). As I traveled through town after town and village after village in Africa, my heart was burdened about the need for more missionaries. Some towns and villages I visited now have independent Baptist churches because BIMI personnel answered God’s call to “Go.” However, I was also made aware of towns and villages where there is no Gospel-preaching work of any kind. Humanly speaking, the only way these places will one day have a church is when someone responds to the need for more missionaries. Often our prayers for God’s protection are either habitual or halfhearted because safety has not historically been an issue of great concern. However, for those serving in places like Africa, prayers for protection are passionate and continual. Prior to my leaving 2 BIMI WORLD Number 2, 2015 for Africa, a terror alert was issued for one of the countries I was scheduled to visit. Also, as I was traveling to Africa, terrorists attacked a college in Kenya and brutally murdered nearly 150 Christians. Additionally, while I was on the continent, there were other terrorist alerts issued for places where I was staying. Many missionaries have armed guards at their homes as well as armed guards at the entrances to their church properties. Every time we went to a shopping mall, our vehicle was searched and we were often asked to get out of the vehicle so they could search us individually. This is just “normal” life for those living in much of Africa. Although we might take our safety for granted, God’s protection is tremendously needed no matter where God calls us to serve Him. Doing the Lord’s work in our own strength will yield very little (if any) eternal fruit. The power of God is absolutely essential in every ministry on every field, and thus we should pray for it daily. While in Africa, I met people who walked for hours to attend church. The power of God’s glorious Gospel had changed their lives. These believers did not have to be bribed or coaxed to be faithful to church services. As a result, a church is now being started (or has been started) in some of these places so Christians do not have to walk for hours and so the whole village can be more effectively reached for Christ. God has given