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Africa The Guard Who Knew Too Much By Jeremy Pittman—Uganda Ocwee is a security guard who has worked in Soroti for over six years and was a leader in his local village church. I had attempted on several occasions to witness to him but was always rebuffed as he was convinced his good works would take him to heaven. In his opinion, he simply knew too much and was not going to fall for “our religion.” I had spoken to him often about the fact that it is not a religion but our relationship to Christ that makes the difference in our lives. Our orphanage property was guarded by Ocwee at night and he also guarded my home at times but had caused us problems in the past. Recently, he simply told me that we needed to talk as he had some questions about the Bible. He specifically had questions about the one-on-one discipleship lessons he had heard me teach to new converts. Ocwee and I sat down with our Bibles, and he began to tell me that he had been watching me closely over the last six years to see if I was really a “true Christian.” He looked at me intently and said he was now convinced that I truly was a Christian and he wanted to be a “true Christian” too. Ocwee told me that he had stolen from me in the past and even though I knew he had stolen, I was patient with him and treated him fairly. He stated that he watched how I treated Christians and non-Christians and was waiting for me to fail. I am certain I must have been inconsistent at times with someone, but I am thankful he apparently never noticed! He then said he had done other bad things to me (I still would like to find out what those things were!), and he needed my forgiveness and wanted to be truly born again. I was so thankful when he humbly bowed his head and put his faith in Christ instead of his good works that he had previously been trusting. His prayer was so precious to listen to and we have now seen his wife trust Christ as well. They are both taking discipleship lessons and we would appreciate your prayers for their spiritual growth. W 25