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Open Door Project
Open Doors to the Uttermost
By Steven Maldoff and Alan Brooks
The Bible clearly tells us in Acts 1:8 to
be witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in
all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the
uttermost part of the earth. If traveling
in the South Pacific, one would be at
the farthest distance from Jerusalem—
the uttermost part of the earth. Isaiah
24:14–16 states: They shall cry aloud
from the sea…even the name of the Lord
God of Israel in the isles of the sea. From
the uttermost part of the earth have we
heard songs, even glory to the righteous.

Scattered throughout the South Pacific
are islands, large and small, with pockets
of people groups who need the Gospel of
Jesus Christ.

Many thoughts come to mind when one
thinks of the South Pacific/Oceanic area
of the world. Some think of vacations
and island paradises, while others
remember horrific battles fought during
World War II. In many ways both ring
true. Though there are areas of tropical
paradise, and there are the scars of
combat to be found, most of what one
will find are groups of peoples, living out
the ways of traditional island culture. As
unique and colorful as it may be, woven
into the very fabric of their daily lives
is a spiritual awareness and sensitivity.

As a general rule, most Islanders would
be classified as religious and attend a
church denomination of some type.

Over 150 years ago, early missionaries
came to many of these island countries
Number 3, 2015
and suffered tragic trials of affliction but
they persevered to open up opportunities
to share what Jesus Christ had done for
them. To God’s glory many of the native
people responded and came to know
Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

Sadly, through the years the Gospel
message has been watered down to a
cultural experience. Today the common
misconception is “I am a Christian
because I live here and my family were
Christians.” These dear people have
a respect and reverence for God and
the Bible but do not have a personal
relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.

Old island habits and cultural traditions
have mingled with a form of religion far
removed from the true Gospel message.

What an opportunity for those who
proclaim an accurate and true message
of salvation! The Islanders are open
to hearing someone teach the Bible.

Unlike many nations in the world where
missionaries fail in their best efforts to
open up conversations about spiritual
matters, the South Pacific Islanders
are ready to hear. More often than not,
tracts are willingly and happily taken.

People are eager to receive Bibles. Going
to church is not considered unusual
in their culture. There is no family or
societal pressure about saying one is a
Christian, as is found elsewhere.

The Open Door Project of BIMI is
focused on those areas of the world

where missionaries can go in and
readily proclaim the Word of God. In
the Southeast Asia region, the South
Pacific Island nations are ideal for
missionaries to go and preach and
establish churches.

island to island and conquer these areas to
put a halt to the tragic deaths of American
and foreign soldiers and the native peoples.

History tells of heroic native people, “Coast
watchers,” who assisted by reporting the
movements of the enemy.

Considering that each island nation
may consist of hundreds of smaller
populated islands, the need for many
missionaries is great. Though the
population sizes of these countries
may be relatively smaller than most
other locations across the globe, it
does not negate or minimize the need.

The islands of Oceania again are under
attack by the enemy of our souls, Satan.

We desperately need to go island to island
sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and
the victory one can have through Him.

Because of their reverence for God, there
are many natives who long to know the
truth, and in their hearts they know that
there is more than vain religion. These are
waiting to hear.

Vanuatu with an approximate total
population of 278,000 scattered
across 80 islands desperately needs
missionaries to come and teach the
Bible clearly and properly. Nearby
is the nation of Tonga with 104,000
people living on more than 50 islands.

Religion influences all of society.

Their Constitution closes all trade
and business on Sunday in honor of
The Lord’s Day. On the surface, this
may seem ideal, until one realizes that
the statistics show that churches with
false doctrine and a false gospel are
amongst the largest in the land.

Are some of the natives, such as the “Coast
Watchers,” watching to see what the enemy
is doing and wondering when the Forces of
God will come and show them the freedom
that is available in Christ? W
Also in the Oceanic region is the
Solomon Islands. A few years ago,
BIMI distributed 28,000 Bibles to the
students in the public schools. Sadly,
BIMI has no full-time missionary
working in this open door. A
foundation has been laid and the
opportunity is there to build on it.

These three nations illustrate the
connection between spiritual awareness
and island culture. This could be
repeated multiple times across the
other 16 countries of the South Pacific.

When General Douglas MacArthur
set out to win the war in the Pacific
back in the 1940s, he determined a
way to “island jump” and go from
Number 3, 2015