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into service. They were there to hear the
Word of God. Everything else was just not
that important.

and the result is that they know their
people well and everyone there knows
them, too.

The week also changed my outlook on
ministry. I came back with a renewed
sense of the importance of what we all as
Christians do by teaching children and
reaching out to others in genuine love. I
was reminded once again that God can
use anyone in His service. Anyone can
sing loudly with the boys and girls, hand
out craft supplies, open popsicles for snack
time, play volleyball, or dig in the sand
with the little ones. Everyone can smile
and greet those who come to services or
show a child love. We all can have the
privilege of participating in God’s work
here on earth.

And Mélanie and me? We survived the
week with nothing more than a few
scratches and some mosquito bites. We
even got to leave the bucket toilet in the
car! It turns out that Pastor West had
made an outhouse on the campsite.

It was amazing to see the results of years
of work as parents brought their children
to the very VBS they had attended when
they were kids. The Wests have been
faithful in this very difficult mission field,
So the bucket came back unused. But it
was not the only thing we brought back.

We also brought back new friendships
and wonderful memories of a place that
will forever remain special in our hearts.

Would we do it again? In a heartbeat!
In spite of the mosquitos and roughing
it, Outreach + Outhouse = One
Outstanding Opportunity!
(Betsey Reznor is a missionary helping
churches in Québec through child and teen
outreach. Mélanie is one of the teens in her
church.) W