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their project for the year, we were able to purchase our own building. The story is one full of perfectly timed miracles, a great working of God. It required many thousands of euros and many sacrifices of time for us to renovate our building, but we were able to do it without additional loans beyond the original mortgage. Amazingly, renovations finished exactly when the military build-up in Grafen- woehr began in earnest. We immediately changed our focus from buildings to people, and we grew five-fold over the next three years. Innumerable people came to Christ, were baptized, joined the church, got involved in discipleship Bible studies and home groups, evangelized their neighborhoods and workplac- es, got involved in ministry and serving, and participated in missions giving. We began many new innovative programs to help us have a greater impact on more people than ever. When our building is paid for in full in 2017, we see the potential for more opportuni- ties than ever! The sky is the limit for us at GBC! What about our legacy on the lives of others? What has been our impact and influence? Much of that legacy we will never know until eternity. But not a month goes by that someone who was in one of the churches we ministered—in a letter, an email, on Facebook, or by phone—tells us we had an impact. God used us. People found Christ. Lives were changed. Marriages were saved. Folks surrendered to ministry—not because Chuck and Susan Sligh were smart or particularly winsome or that I was a par- ticularly good preacher or we had a good game plan. No, it was because we stood on the shoulders of giants—Dad and Mom—and a host of other people who had an impact on our own lives. From them we learned how to love, how to sacrifice, how to serve, how to minister, how to care and yes, many of the “techniques of the trade” of ministry too. Our hope is that the legacy of my parents and our other mentors that was passed on to us and in turn passed on to the people in our lives and orb of ministry will be passed on to the next generation, and that the glory of God would show forth, that the Word of God would continue to be magnified, that people would be saved, and that the Gospel would be multiplied. BIMI Military Field Conference This year March 14­­–17, the BIMI Military Field Conference for Far East missionaries will be held at Yokota Baptist Church in Fussa, Japan. Missionary Danny McKittrick and his great church will host the conference.  They are working hard together with Dr. Jeff Alverson and Brother Sammy Popwell, Asian Coordinator, in putting together an exciting meeting.  Please pray this will be a great encouragement and help to our missionaries laboring in that part of the world. Help for GI BANNER​ The BIMI Military General Fund is supported through love offerings from missionaries and friends of military missions. These funds help with many projects ;including the GI BANNER. At this point, we need your help. Would you please prayerfully consider monthly support for the Military General Fund? Please send offerings to BIMI Account #642, Military General Fund for GI Banner.