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the Haitian equivalent to a bank account.  Many lost all their horses, mules, donkeys, chickens, cows, sheep, goats, and hogs. Many national pastors with whom Benji and I have contact have shared their heartbreaking stories. Brother Leny Funtecha (a Filipino missionary from Dr. Rick Martin’s church in Iloilo, Philippines—a BIMI work) has more than a dozen churches that have been destroyed or damaged. Thankfully, many responded within a day or two with food and humanitarian relief. However, now comes the hard task of rebuilding. The Hatians who have lost everything need a means in which to restore, to replace, and to rebuild.  It will be a blessing to some families and churches that lost everything to have a means to come up out of the dark hole into which this catastrophe has plunged them. Job’s old wise friend Elihu was wrong about Job but right about the Lord and hurricanes. In Job 37: 9–13, the mighty power of God is proclaimed. Three reasons are given for such an event in verse 13 which states He causeth it to come, whether for correction, or for his land, or for mercy (emphasis added). This is a time for God’s people to display God’s MERCY to these dear people. Please pray and give as help is needed. If you wish to contribute to help these needy people in Haiti, please send your donations to BIMI marked Haitian Relief, Account #15. Don & Bridgitt Dryden Benji & Kerri Dryden Islander – November 2016 13