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Dominican Republic — Chad & Cynthia Pape: In May, Jeffri Polanco was back in the Dominican Republic with us. We made a trip to Nagua, one of the towns in which we have been praying about starting a church. We went with the whole family this time and again the Lord spoke to my heart about the need there for a good Bible-preaching church. As we were eating lunch in one of the small restaurants, we struck up a conversation with the waitress. We were asking her different things about the town and we mentioned that we were praying about starting a church there. Immediately, her eyes lit up as she began to tell us that she was saved years ago in Cuba and moved to Nagua with her family for a better life. She said she had tried to find a church in all the nearby towns but none of them preached about salvation. She was so excited to hear that we might be coming to her town. She told us she began praying in January the Lord would send someone to start a good church in Nagua. Jamaica — Swante & Linda Lindquist: We have had the opportunity at Cedar Grove Baptist Church to go out in the neighborhoods inviting people to church, witnessing, and passing out flyers for a Crusade. A “Crusade” here simply means the meetings will be held outside the church building and are for the entire community. For six nights, three different preachers proclaimed the Word of God with power as souls were saved and people got right with the Lord. It was a blessing for all. A number of Jamaican pastors have asked me to preach on marriage and the 14 Islander – November 2016 home. There is a great need in Jamaica for a biblical understanding in this area of life. Many Jamaican pastors feel that when they deal with this issue, their congregation thinks they are just meddling. Since I am an American, the people tend to listen as long as they can see it from the Word of God. We are experiencing a great response to the preaching of what God’s Word says about the home. Dominican Republic — Joy Wesson & Famiy Joy shares the following: “Our arrival back in the Dominican Republic on June 30 was exciting. We praise the Lord for allowing us to come back home!” Recently, while I, Gary Sprunger, was on the island, we had a Pizza Fellowship for all the independent Baptist missionaries in the capital of Santo Domingo. Many families came for an evening of fellowship. Joy and her family hosted the event at their home. It was so good to have a time to reminisce over old times and to share what the Lord is doing right now. As I was leaving, Joy said, “I am so glad we could do this. I remember when Josh was alive we would have these types of fellowship times and I loved this. It was an encouragement to me and our family.” Pray for the Wesson family as they adjust and serve at Iglesia Bautista del Faro. They are seeing much fruit for their labor in this ministry. Jamaica — Fran Young: The churches in Jamaica are doing well. During the Harvest Services at Bethel Baptist Church, souls were saved. The church prayed for over 30 years for Mr. Wilson to get saved and God answered their prayers. Palmers Cross Baptist Church has revived