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their Friday night youth meetings. The 33 rd Annual Camp Faith was held with the theme “Can God Call YOU Friend?” There were three saved and ten rededications. We are praising the Lord! Pray for more souls to be saved in Jamaica. Antigua — Nathan & Renee Owens: Our Lighthouse staff continues to plug away at their daily duties of keeping the radio station on the air. As a staff, we purpose to fulfill the Great Commission and share the love of Christ with the Eastern Caribbean on an individual level through means of technology. Communicating on that individual level and being relevant to listeners are an ever-developing process. Our staff has many ideas for new programs and outreaches that are more personal and address current issues of our culture. To that end, all staff members have been doing self-studies to improve their radio skills so that we can begin these programs in September. The Lord has used Caribbean Radio Lighthouse to minister to the Caribbean for 40 years! Pray for this special ministry that reaches into homes and hearts around the Caribbean. Grenada — Joseph & Donna Childers: We have arrived! Although we have had some very eventful weeks in getting settled in, we praise the Lord for His faithfulness! During the first two months, Donna had a miscarriage, then our daughter fell and broke her arm, and I came down with ZIKA. These were just a few of the events that welcomed us to the place God has called us to minister. In spite of the difficulties, we had the joy of leading three to the Lord this past weekend. Dominican Republic — Michael & Anna Doering: We were blessed to have some Bethel Baptist Church members with us again for several days. They helped us with a youth outreach in a new apartment complex near the church. As we were leaving the outreach, we noticed our youth leader was sitting down talking with four of the teenagers who came to the activity. We eventually learned that he was able to lead one of the young men, Josué, to Christ that afternoon. It was an amazing week and we praise the Lord for His blessings! Spanish Literature Ministry — Jerry & Gail Reece: Jerry and Gail Reece count it a joy to have served the Lord for 50 years! They served in Nicaragua and El Salvador for 14 years. Then for 35 years they have been faithful in helping missionaries and national pastors, primarily in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Together, they continue to send out Spanish translated materials to many national pastors and missionaries. If you are in need of good, Spanish Bible- teaching materials, you may contact them at 770-884-5844. Dominican Repubic – Steve & Nohemy Sidler: Recently, Mt. Calvary Baptist church in Vietnam de La Mina has grown to about 120. Pastor Fernando and his family have had a great impact on this barrio. Since this barrio is made up of squatters, the government decided to build apartment complexes on the other side of a large river. In one week, Mt. Calvary Baptist Church lost half of its membership in the relocation process. Although the church was logistically split, Pastor Fernando decided to meet with the relocated church on Sunday afternoons. Now he is pastoring two churches and the combined attendance is growing. Pray that God will give grace and strength to Pastor Fernando as he enters this opportunity to reach an even greater number of souls with the Gospel. Islander – November 2016 15