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What Will I Leave Behind? By Joy Sprunger An old Gospel hymn by Sherrill Brown written in 1958 and titled “What Will I Leave Behind?” states: “ 1 After I leave for worlds unknown, Over the border line; Never again on earth to roam, What will I leave behind? 3 This is my prayer, O Lord, today, let me be wholly Thine.” When we visited Cayman Brac, I read an advertising magazine that recognized a wonderful stateswoman in her eighties who had done many outstanding services. She had helped her island nation improve their way of life. Then I remembered Bobbie Turner, the lovely missionary wife of Russell Turner. She had raised six godly children and served as a missionary pastor’s wife, and she started a children’s ministry that met every Friday night and faithfully continued it for many, many years. We saw the big van this small lady drove each week around her island. She invited all the children, even from other churches. First, Bobbie had prepared a special place for volleyball and other outside games. Then she would take them to her church for a Bible Club where they learned Scripture verses and won prizes. Most importantly, she taught the Word of God and led many to the Lord Jesus Christ. Bobbie had a book where she recorded each one’s name and date when they made a decision for Christ. Later, at the airport I spoke to a shop lady about Mrs. Bobbie Turner and told her of our visit. She remembered Bobbie and her testimony. Even though she attended another church, she trusted and respected Bobbie. She knew Bobbie protected the children and trained them in a conservative manner. The shop lady wanted her grandchildren to attend Bobbie’s Bible Club instead of other clubs. What a legacy! When I compare these two ladies—one a stateswoman and the other a humble missionary wife—I would choose to be the wise woman, the soul winner, the one who brought others to meet our wonderful LORD JESUS CHRIST. Proverbs 11:30 says, The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise. Can it be said of us that we are steadfast, unmovable, and willing to prepare and carry out a plan at a definite time each week? Will we reach out to those around us in “our communities” and share the good news of the Gospel through a fun activity and Bible lesson time? Will you LEAVE OTHERS BEHIND who can take your place and continue to lead others to our Lord and Savior and teach them all things? Let us commit ourselves to choose to love people and to go tell them how Jesus loved them and took their place on the cross for their sins. Islander – November 2016 3