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When Feet Set Do wn on Yonder Shore By Joseph R. Childers, missionary in Grenada As our feet set down on yonder shore And we’ve left the land we knew before, We know we are following His perfect plan Showing the path of salvation to sinful man. Our lives are for Him, it is not about us So we make no whining, no complaints, and no fuss. Cheerfully, we will go wherever God doth guide And trust Him for our needs to provide. So while we know not what is in store, He has called for our feet to set down on yonder shore. As our feet set down on yonder shore, We know what we are here for. We give up our American freedoms that others may be set free From the holds from sin and iniquity. We sacrifice a life of wealth and ease To bring the riches of Christ across the seas. We say goodbye to family in the land we have trod So that others may be added to the family of God. The lives that we live can mean so much more If we will use it for Christ, even on yonder shore. As our feet set down on yonder shore, We are reminded we are not here to explore. This is not a time for vacation Nor leisure or relaxation For those around us are not promised tomorrow. How sad if they passed into that land of great sorrow! My friend, Hell is real—the home of those who won’t believe, Of those that reject Christ, that His gift won’t receive. Oh my friend, we must give them warning Lest they not wake up in the morning. 4 Islander – November 2016