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in red bold print—St. Philip Independent Baptist Church—with a cell phone number and the address. He wondered to himself, “What kind of a church has a cell phone number for a church number?” Something told him to call that number. He did not call. Well, Hong still wanted to find the right church, and something (or rather Someone) was still urging Francis on the inside to call that number. A week or so passed and the Voice continued urging him to call, and so one Saturday he called! I answered the phone and heard a man with a distinct Chinese accent asking me for directions to the church. From his place to our place there are many twists and turns, one never goes straight anywhere in Barbados. I gave him directions, and I wondered what would become of it. The next morning Francis and Hong arrived at the church. They left immediately after Sunday school. We did not even have time to meet them properly. The next Sunday was the same, and so on, and then one Sunday they stayed for the main service. Oftentimes, they would leave halfway through the morning service, rushing back home to prepare the restaurant for opening. Well, I began having Bible lessons with them at their restaurant, and after several weeks we taught about Christ and what He has done for each of us. The next week as I was teaching (with Francis interpreting for Hong’s sake), I asked them, “Do you remember how God put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden so that Adam and Eve could make a choice of their own free will?” They both answered, “Yes, we remember.” I asked, “Do you understand that man is a sinner and that Christ has paid for his sins?” Again, they answered, “Yes.” I replied, “And now it is your turn to make a choice. What will you do with Christ? You can receive Christ and His payment for your sins, or you can pay for them yourselves. What will you do with Jesus?” They looked at each other and said, “We want Christ!” Hallelujah! What a wonderful, amazing moment! They each prayed individually, Francis in English and Hong in Chinese, asking Christ for His gift of salvation. Francis looked up at me afterward and he said, “I feel all different inside! I am so happy.” Their story reminds me of the story of Cornelius in Acts 10. Praise the Lord for allowing us sinners to be used to bring other sinners to Him! God is so good! Francis and Hong continue to be faithful each Sunday to church. Thank you for being willing to give and pray that we could be here for these marvelous moments of harvest. What an amazing God we have Who would direct people from China to travel halfway around the world so that they might find Christ!