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The Safest Place On Earth! T he first indication that this was going to be a memo- rable trip was when we spent the night in Lon- don before boarding our plane to the capital city of Tbilisi. My hus- band, James, decided to go online for the latest information from the US State Department for people planning to go to the Republic of Georgia. The news was not good. Travelers were informed that it was not a good idea to visit the country at that time. James said to me, “It’s Mary Ray too late now. We can’t turn back, so I won’t mention it to the Bible Distribution Team.” After arriving in Tbilisi, our driver’s first words to us were, “No one will ever suspect that you are passengers in this bus.” I looked at what was to be our transportation for the next seven days with dismay. It had defi- nitely seen better days. The paint was peeling, the tires were worn, and the windows were covered with heavy grey curtains. The driver then explained to us that a group from Sweden had been kid- napped the week before we arrived so he was be- ing extra cautious. Tbilisi is only about 60 miles from the border of Chechnya where in- tense fighting was going on between the Russian 10 • NATIONS