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W here in the w orld is . . . SAHARA . . . ?? Sahara The Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world and the world’s third largest desert after Antarctica and the Arctic. AreA: 3.629 million mi 2 PeoPleS: 38 (76% unreached) oFFICIAl lANGUAGe: French/Arabic language of wider communication is Hausa. lANGUAGeS: 21 All languages relIGIoN: largest religion: Muslim GeoGrAPHY: The Sahara desert is in the center and northern part of Africa. only the southwest and a narrow strip along the Nigerian border in the south are grasslands. The Sahara DeSerT iS a region of norTh africa wiTh a lanDmaSS larger Than The conTinenTal UniTeD STaTeS of america! its harsh environment, although arid, gives life to over two million people, most of whom will not hear a clear presentation of the gospel unless someone physically takes it to them. while the majority of the inhabitants are islamic, we must not view them as our enemies but as souls for whom christ died. i have traveled and stayed with many. each one has hopes and fears as we. Though language and culture are different, there is still that same yearning in the heart to know God and find purpose in this world. Every time I travel to this region, I am overwhelmingly burdened with the need of more laborers to carry the light of the gospel to this dark corner of the world! Eric Bohman, BIMI Director for Africa Using a multipronged approach, our missionaries are using radio, Bible translation, literature distribution, and even the Internet to penetrate this territory and prepare the way for evangelism and church planting. God is opening hearts! With the onslaught of global terrorism, many of these moderate Moslems are re-evaluating their own religion and inquiring about Jesus’ message of love and forgiveness. What can you do? Please pray for the people of the Sahara and partner with soul winning missionaries who are faith- fully serving in this area. The harvest is great and sadly—the laborers are few! 14 • NATIONS