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What does this ministry do? 1. Promotes awareness for new open and closed fields 2. Supplies financial help for young people making mission trips 3. Supplies Bibles, MP3 players programmed with the Bible, and other tools for evangelism to missionaries T he remaining nations are a mixture of open and closed doors. Our da- tabase includes every nation on earth with relevant data. It is amazing to find so many small and virtually unknown sibilities. Even in places where most people would not have a computer, some people in those places would. Perhaps newspa- pers in these locations would sell advertising space for a message. Radio offers possibilities and is being used in the Philippines, Af- rica, the Islands, and many places by BIMI missionaries. n the Sahara Desert, David Eden is using MP3 players to propel the Word through desert villages. Would you pray with us earnestly that in our lifetime we could plant at least the Gospel seed in every nation on earth? Seed once plant- ed can grow into a mighty tree. Another possibility is to go after people groups in the world’s largest cities. For example, cities such as London, England, could be promoted by a London New Testament with a I The 100+ Nations ministry AN ORGANIZATION OF Pray for the following: • Churches to sponsor 100 Nations Sundays and Events (dates are available) Special videos are available for Sunday school and/or Sunday evening service. • Funds to develop the 100 Nations Ministries • 100+ NATIONS team members who sacrifice for this ministry • 100 new churches and team members Team members are encouraged to adopt a country to pray for incessantly and to support this ministry monthly. Can the Gospel be preached in every nation on earth in our lifetime? The answer is an ASTOUNDING YES! But countries tucked between more famil- iar nations. In many of these nations, Christianity is illegal and Bibles are outlawed. There are obscure places where people are illiterate and could not read a Bible if they were given one. Could a Gospel pictorial tract such as the famous Chick Tract “This Was Your Life” be designed for such people that would give the Gospel Story in picto- rial form? Would it not be wonderful to get at least the first “Gospel Seed” into every one of these? Surely, it can be done with our modern technology. The Internet offers glorious pos- special cover design. There are millions of people in London who have never owned a Bible. European cities are sat- urated with multinational communities. Pray that God would call missionaries to these communities. ather than thinking gloom and doom about what seems to be an invasion of pagan religion, why not consider these changing times as an op- portunity and go after these groups with a fervor and zeal of New Testament Christians? New Testament Christians changed their world in the midst of paganism. R we need YOUR HELP. If you would like to be a 100+TEAM MEMBER, I would love to hear from you. Your name will be placed in our database for updates and the Nations Magazine. Join us in praying that in our lifetime—by one means or another—we could “touch” every nation on earth. Remember the words of Jeremiah: There is NOTHING too hard for THEE (Jeremiah 32:17). NATIONS • 7