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Touching God through Sacrifice! Editor’s Note BIMI is now in its 56th year. Those serv- ing with BIMI have left their mark on the world and continue to do so. They have giv- en their utmost in worldwide evangelization. They have endured grief and pain in their quest to win souls. They have left family and friends, some never to be seen again. I have stood by the graves of their children on for- eign fields. I have wept with them as they laid their mates in the dust of a foreign grave. I am honored to be associated with such people. Many of them could say with C. T. and Pris- cilla Studd, “I have nothing left to sacrifice.” Charles Thomas Studd was born in England in 1860, one of three sons of a wealthy, retired planter. By the time C.T. was 16, he had become a nationally known cricket player. He found Christ in 1878 at the age of 18. In a D. L. Moody meeting in Cambridge, England, he was challenged to go “all the way with God.” C.T. was one of the “Cambridge Seven” who offered themselves to Hudson Taylor for missionary service in the China Inland Mission. He sailed for China in February 1885. 8 • NATIONS