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2015 Reseeding America Field Conferences The purpose of holding a BIMI Reseeding America Field Conference is to provide a time of rest, fellowship, inspiration, information, and spiritual encouragement for our USA church planters and their families. This past year we held two conferences. Reseeding America East Coast Field Conference – 2015 Our church planters on the East Coast are pictured here with Pastor and Mrs. David Price of Providence Baptist Church in Cooperstown, Tennessee, and Dr. and Mrs. David Snyder, our President and General Director at BIMI. Providence Baptist did a wonderful job preparing and serving many delicious meals and hosting us for our four-day meeting. Thanks go to our special speakers: Pastor Price, Dr. Snyder, and Pastor Bryan Baggett, from Bible Baptist Church in Clarksville, Tennessee. Reseeding America West Coast Field Conference – 2015 Our Reseeding America West Coast Field Conference, which was held in May, gave us an opportunity to encourage and fellowship with our church planting families in the western part of the United States. This conference was held in conjunction with a revival that Mountainside Baptist Church in Phoenix, Arizona, had scheduled with Evangelist John Goetsch. We enjoyed activities for our families in and around the Phoenix area, and there were special sessions for the ladies. Many thanks go to Mountainside Baptist Church and Pastor Tony Bulawa in Surprise, Arizona, for hosting our meeting. A big thank you goes to the churches and individuals who contributed to our field conferences. 10 Reseeding America – Spring 2016