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2015 RECAPS FROM SOME OF OUR USA MISSIONARIES Ed and Mary Beard, Church Planting, Maryland (Dec) Eighteen people came together to make Freestate Baptist Church “official.” The charter service was held October 4, 2015. We had our church’s one year anniversary on December 1, 2015, with a large attendance of 62 people, 16 of whom were first time visitors. Rick and Jackie Bonds, Church Planting, Texas (Oct) Our fall revival services will be again in November. This is always a special time for our folks because they get to spend a bit of extra time together for a few days. Our folks live as far as 60 miles away, but most are 10 to 20 miles apart….We are wanting to make this year a special Homecoming event with members and loved ones from distant towns and cities to come to these services this year. Tom and Renee Border, Japanese Ministry, Ohio (Dec) Please pray for Chieko who is hospitalized and is on strict bed rest due to pregnancy complications. She and her husband were saved in the early 90s. Chieko has been faithfully attending our weekly Ladies Bible Study and also assists in our Joy Club. Her parents will be coming to help her in December and also to assist in the care of the six-year-old granddaughter. Please pray for the parents’ salvation. Mildred Brush, Missouri (Oct) I put off doing the computer work I needed to do because I was afraid of ruining files, but finally I HAD to get at it. Actually, it has been exciting to learn that it is not as difficult as I expected, and I enjoy seeing the projects get done and finding out that I CAN DO IT. My daughter has been an excellent teacher. When we think of all the discoveries and inventions of mankind, we have to remember that God placed all these possibilities within His creation from the beginning. What a great and wonderful and intelligent God we have! Grant Carter, Tennessee (Dec) I thank each of you for your prayers and support in helping me win souls—over 10,000 souls, in starting seven churches and three Bible institutes and one radio station. My next birthday I will be 90 years old! Scott and Tricia Crabtree, Deaf Church Planting, On Deputation (Dec) Our deputation journey so far has been quite an adventure! We have had the opportunity to be in some amazing churches and have met some very fine Christians along the way. The Lord’s provision and mercy have been evident, and the kindness shown to us has been humbling and inspiring to say the least. Our joy is for our children to be able to see how God takes care of His own people. He has truly done this, and we have seen His handiwork. Reseeding America – Spring 2016 11