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Alan and Sabrina Davis, Church Planting, New York City (Oct) Since we are without a building to conduct our Kid’s Summer Bible Club, we took it to a nearby park swarming with kids. What a tremendous opportunity to reach these kids with the Gospel message! The emphasis of our Bible Club was soul winning. Our own church kids were eager to hand out tracts and invite kids of all ages and nationalities to our club. God blessed our efforts with 10 souls saved. Bill and Fannie Fluker, Church Planting, Mississippi (Nov) We’ve seen ten souls saved since our last prayer letter. Six of those were during our VBS, two during soul winning/ visitation, one responded to the message at church, and one in our nursing home ministry. We thank the Lord for his tender mercies. Keith Ford, Tennessee (Dec) Involved in the Jail Ministry — Most of the men in jail have listened very well and some of them thank me for sharing the Word of God with them. Some of those men tell me they have never heard the Word of God preached so they can understand. Involved in the Chattanooga Rescue Ministry — I was one of the teachers in the Christian Life Program which is a class teaching about Missions and Mission Living. Some of the men are shocked to learn how missionaries had to live years ago. Involved in the Caribbean Printing Ministry — I have sent thousands of tracts to different islands and churches here in the States the past few weeks. Treasa Fox, Navajo Indian Ministry, Arizona (Dec) The work here on the reservation is doing well. We’ve been busy organizing records, adding members to the church, who’ve been coming all along but have never joined the church, and making some repairs. Our people are busy taking on more responsibility and generally growing spiritually. We’ve been encouraging Bible memory and daily quiet time….Please pray for our church van to be up and running again soon. I am hoping to use it to start a bus route in the area. Perry and Barbara Gibson, Japanese Student Ministry, Washington (Jan) During our 10 years here, there have been over 1,000 Japanese students! To one extent or another, we have been able to be salt and light to most of them. To some it has been a small amount; with others we have spent many hours one-on-one. Many have been introduced to the Bible, Jesus, and church. Over 40 have made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. David and Annette Townsley, Church Planting, Connecticut (Dec) After a great time of illness for Annette, through a complete miracle of God, she now functions… normally today. 12 Reseeding America – Spring 2016