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We now have three adult Sunday school classes….God is blessing this and we are seeing much better attendance from our adults in Sunday school. One more ministry has expanded—in a way, our bus ministry….We had 17 in the bus with five first time visitors. Pray that God will allow our church and families to do what God would have us to do and that we all would get a greater burden for missions. Chris and Dawn Phillips, Hispanic Church Planting, South Carolina (Nov/Dec) Iglesia Bautista Victoria — Twenty-four of our new believers enrolled in our 16-week discipleship course on Monday evenings. This past Sunday, 22 of them received recognition for completing that course. We praise the Lord for their spiritual growth and for being faithful to accomplish the task! Please pray several of these graduates will choose to take the next step and enroll in our Bible institute in January. Recently, two precious girls in our church family chose to receive Christ as their Savior. September was our Missions Month, and it is always one of the most exciting months as a church body….We praise the Lord that in 2015 our Faith Promise giving was the highest it has ever been in the history of our church! Paul Marsh, Hispanic Ministry, Tennessee/Florida (Jan) My grandson, Joel Jr., has invited me to teach in the new Bible institute that he is starting out of the Spanish church he is pastoring in Tampa. After praying about it, I have decided to help him by teaching some courses in the new institute. It will give me a golden opportunity to evangelize an enormously large field of Spanish-speaking people. Pray for me that God will give me good health to work in this new challenge. David and Terri Azzarello, Church Planting in California, On Deputation (Dec) Thank the Lord for an amazing 2015 as we have completed 11 months of deputation! We praise the Lord for the 90 churches where we were able to present our ministry, for the nearly 40 churches that are supporting us, and for the 50% support level we have reached. Also, we are thankful that the Lord used us to lead 35 souls to Christ this past year. We are praying for God’s guidance as we determine which city in California we will plant our next church. Please pray that God will provide the remainder of our needed support. New Manual Now Available for Churches This new how-to publication is available through Reseeding America. The booklet will instruct and guide your congregation as they conduct a vital ministry that can help resurrect a dying church or church plant or church in decline. A DVD PowerPoint presentation is also included to introduce your people to the “Adopt a Church Ministry” and how they can be involved. For your copy of this new manual and accompanying DVD PowerPoint presentation, send a written request and a $15 donation to BIMI Reseeding America Fund, Account #553, PO Box 9, Harrison, TN 37341.