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A Georgia Church Plants a Georgia Church by Bob Larson Brian Patrick answered the call to become the pastor of Calvary’s Grace Baptist Church in Mt. Vernon, Georgia, in June of 2000. The church at that time was less than a year old and was in a rented building on the city square. It was a church plant out of Heritage Baptist Church in Glennville, Georgia. When Brother Patrick came to the church, there were two members and his family. The church purchased 23 acres of land in early 2001 for the purpose of a youth camp. Pastor Brian Patrick Family This piece of property was paid off by 2004. In 2006 the church had a record Sunday morning attendance of 80. May 2, 2010, the church met at a new piece of property facing Highway 280 in Ailey, Georgia, for a special groundbreaking service for a new building. The new building was finished in 2014 and the attendance has consistently run close to 200 every Sunday. In 2015 Pastor Patrick, his family, and the church family celebrated 15 years of ministry together. There have been over 1,000 souls saved through the ministries of Calvary’s Grace Baptist Church. To God be the glory! In March 2015 Reseeding America received a call from Pastor Patrick. He shared that God had called several of his men to preach and they had started a Bible institute at the church. He went on to tell us that Jeremy Allen, one of his men who was in training, felt led to plant a church in Eastman, Georgia, where he grew up. Jeremy was saved under Pastor Patrick’s preaching and ministry. Brother Patrick asked if Reseeding America could assist Calvary’s Grace Baptist Church in the planting of this new church in Eastman. They hoped it could be open by September 2015. We were happy to lend our assistance. Reseeding America is a ministry of Baptist International Missions, Inc., assisting local churches and their missionary church planters in the starting of new churches and the restarting of churches in decline across the United States. USA Director Rev. Bob Larson 423-605-6098 National Reseeding America Representative Dr. John Bailes 423-605-4020