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Church Planter Jeremy Allen and family I traveled to Eastman in the summer to meet with Pastor Patrick and Brother Allen to look over the area and see the location of the new church plant. Work was well underway on renovating the metal building where the church would start. Next, we started working on the design and the printing of flyers, brochures, tracts, and Romans book covers announcing the start-up of the new church. Reseeding America started contacting sister churches in mid-Georgia to assist with the distribution of thousands of door hanger packets that would be passed out across Dodge County prior to the opening of the new church. Arriving in August, I had the opportunity to teach in the Bible institute and assist in the building renovation in Eastman. On the Churches gathering for countywide distribution weekends my wife and I were responsible for coordinating weekend canvassing as Georgia churches came in to assist in blanketing Eastman and towns across the county with Gospel literature, door hanger bags, and information Privilege to challenge the reproducing church in about the start of the new Ailey, Georgia work. All total, there were 20 souls saved during the weekend literature drops. On Grand Opening Sunday there were 41 in attendance with about half of the group being from the local community. Please pray for church planter Jeremy Allen and his family as they plant and establish this new church in Eastman. First service of the new church in Eastman Reseeding America – Spring 2016 3