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would come to the exciting week held once a year. As a result, deaf young people began surrendering their lives to serve the Lord. The Rempels began seeking schools that they could recommend for the training of these young people, but many of the Christian colleges were closing their deaf departments due to the cost of operating them. After much prayer, Reggie and Kim felt the Lord leading them to begin a school to train these deaf young people. Reggie and Kim had a house in Chattanooga that Reggie and a group of Mennonite men from his home community had built as a home base. They did not really know where or how to start this school. They prayed heavily about moving north to begin in an area surrounding Washington, DC, as the deaf population is so large there. However, God closed all the doors and one day while taking a “ride” through the country around Chattanooga, a heavy storm blew in and the rain was so hard they had to pull into a driveway on Old Three Notch Road in Ringgold, Georgia. In front of them was a large sign that stated the farm was for sale. Reggie sat and starred at the sign while Kim urged him to move out of the driveway before they got shot! Reggie said, “I feel something from the Lord concerning this property.” Kim jotted the information down and they left. The next week Reggie and Kim walked the property and felt it would be a perfect place to begin BIMI Deaf Bible College. Following their visit, they walked it again with Dr. Don Sisk. He felt it was a perfect place also but asked, “Where will you get the money to buy this?” The Rempels told him they would need about $40,000 as a down payment for the loan to purchase the farm. They shared that the Lord had already laid it on their hearts to sell their house and see what it would bring towards the purchase. They met with a realtor friend who suggested they sell the house themselves as he felt they would not even profit $40,000 in equity at the time of sale; however, they could try. The Rempels prayed and bought a “FOR SALE” sign which Reggie placed at the end of the driveway as he left for several days of meetings. Kim remained home to take calls and about ten minutes after he left, she heard a car in the driveway. Thinking Reggie had forgotten something, she went out to meet him only to find a lady standing back and looking at the house. She shared with Kim how she and her husband had admired the house for some time and hoped it would be for sale one day. She made Kim a promise she would return that night with an offer. After she left, Kim soon heard another car and another lady was there who said the same thing. She said she would also Reseeding America – Spring 2016 7