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Although Stanley Heights Baptist Church had been such a tremendous help in their beginning years, Reggie felt the deaf men coming through the training needed to know how to begin a deaf church because they would be faced with this on the field. As a result, Harvest Baptist Church for the Deaf began. Along with starting the church, other Harvest Academy students ministries such as Sunday school, youth programs, and discipleship programs were developed to meet the needs of the deaf. The church has a strong emphasis on missions and Faith Promise giving. They support 37 missionaries; many are their own graduates. In 2014/2015 alone they commissioned three of their families to begin churches in the United States. Two of these families are now on deputation. Harvest Deaf Ministries is now the umbrella under which Harvest Baptist Church for the Deaf, Harvest Deaf Bible College, and Harvest Christian Academy for the Deaf share the campus located on Old Three Notch Road in Ringgold, Georgia. Harvest Deaf Bible College is entering its 22nd year. As a result, many churches have been established in the United States and graduates have become missionaries serving in Jamaica, Dominican Republic, China, Australia, Ukraine, Peru, and Nepal. The motto for Harvest Deaf Ministries has been “Training the Deaf to Reach the Deaf of the World for Christ.” The goal has been that of “keeping our hands to the plow and our eyes on what He has before us.” God is Good. He saw the potential in a little deaf boy being raised on a Mennonite wheat farm on the prairie in Canada and brought him to the place that he is harvesting souls instead of wheat and training those souls to get involved with the harvest set before us. 2014 graduates Reseeding America – Spring 2016 9