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As I served in my local church and attended my first year of Bible college, God put it into my heart to go to Japan. It was a very interesting event. I was watching a video about China. I was ready and willing to go to China. Right in the middle of that presentation, God put a thought in my mind—Japan!  I did not surrender. Years passed and by the grace of God, He worked through my cold heart once again during my final year of study. It happened at an altar call. I was struggling to find God’s direction. He showed me I needed to surrender. I did. Peace came. My next thought—Japan! The months that followed clearly indicated that God had put this in my heart. Regular time in the Word, service in my local church, and clear direction from preaching and the Scriptures brought the unmistakable conclusion, God was calling. My pastor advised me to contact Baptist International Missions, Inc. This was one of many mission agencies that came to our church. It was the one my pastor recommended. What I learned was that BIMI was full of like-minded people with many years of missions experience who were able to help me with everything I needed to know. First, there was the preliminary application. Today this is found on our website This initial step allows BIMI to get acquainted with you. Next, the mission sends a formal application to begin the process of gathering information about what God has done and is doing in your life. The application process is quite detailed and can take a couple months to complete. The initial testimonies and questions are not difficult to complete, but it does not stop there. Other documents are needed, including a medical report and personal references. One of the key elements to this process is the correspondence the Mission has with your pastor. BIMI believes the biblical principle that you are sent out of your local church. In decision making and ministry direction, your pastor and sending church are the authority. BIMI’s desire is to come alongside to help them send you to the field. Once the paperwork has been received and studied, prospective missionaries receive a letter of invitation to attend BIMI’s training week called Candidate School. Many veteran missionaries teach more than 40 hours of instruction to help you prepare for deputation. This is always held the first week of June. Another 40 hours of instruction the next year prepare you for the field. This week includes church planting classes. God is enabling many BIMI missionaries to get to the field in record time. Our goal is to help you get there as soon as possible. With the Lord’s help, many are getting to the field in one or two years. We can help! Give us a call. Let us know how God is leading in your life and let us help you get to the field!  W Number 1, 2016 BIMI WORLD 11