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USA By Bob Larson It was sunny but cool in late May 2015 in northern California. BIMI Reseeding America had been contacted about coordinating a large distribution of Gospel literature for a church that was restarting in Vacaville, California. I had never been to Vacaville and I was holding meetings in the area. My wife and I checked into a motel. I made plans to drive through this city of 90,000 and then meet the pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church to discuss the possibility of helping the church later in the year. As I sat having a cup of coffee with Bill Snodderly, the new pastor of Lighthouse Baptist, I was impressed with his passion to see the church restarted. He shared with me that he and his family had traveled in evangelism for 19 years but felt that it was God’s will for them to take the church in Vacaville and with the Lord’s help resurrect it. As I looked over the Vacaville area, the Lord impressed upon my heart the need to stand with Pastor Snodderly to help him restart the church and reach their Jerusalem. It was exciting to learn that just a few miles down the road, Travis Air Force Base had over 7,000 active duty personnel and a number of those families were living in the Vacaville area. A three-week period was agreed upon for the end of September and the beginning of November 2015 to launch a 30,000 door hanger bag Gospel literature distribution. The bags would contain information 12 BIMI WORLD Number 1, 2016