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about the church that was being restarted and a Romans book with a personalized cover with information about the church printed on the back cover. I told the pastor we would coordinate getting the Gospel literature printed and the flyer designed, printed, and shipped to California. Our ministry would also be responsible for recruiting sister churches to assist in the distribution of materials across Vacaville. His church would have to be responsible for getting all materials bagged and ready and coordinate meals for the visiting churches when they came to help put out the materials. During the next few months, printed materials were designed and shipped to the West Coast. We even had one of our printers offer to pay for half of the Romans books! When the Gospel literature arrived at Lighthouse Baptist, the members started assembling the door hanger bags. Reseeding America sent out letters, made phone calls, and texted many Northern California pastors and churches to recruit help for the church restart. We rejoice and thank the Lord for the 16 Northern California churches who came during the three-week distribution. Golden State Baptist College sent a group of male students to help. We even had our good friend Pete Rall fly in to help us all the way from Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Over 225 volunteers gave their Saturdays to saturate Vacaville with Gospel literature. Meals for the visiting groups were prepared by Lighthouse Baptist and an outdoor fellowship was held each Saturday after the literature distribution was done. During one of the Saturday meals, a platform of straw bales was built and young men who had been called to preach were called on to challenge us with 10-minute mini messages. Pastor Snodderly recently reported that 13 visitors were in a morning service and the members of Lighthouse are encouraged and excited about the future ministry of their church. Great things can be accomplished when God’s people are willing to board a bus or form a caravan and head down the road into their Judaea for a Saturday! W Number 1, 2016 BIMI WORLD 13