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USA You Can Do This! By Peter Rall It is October 24, 2015. Waking up in a hotel room in Sacramento, California, is not unusual, since I travel frequently. This morning is different. I am very excited! I am heading one hour down the road to Vacaville, California, where I am meeting with Bob Larson of BIMI’s Reseeding America and Pastor Snodderly of Lighthouse Baptist Church. This is the first of three Saturdays to distribute door hangers and I have the awesome privilege of being involved! Several years ago my pastor, Pastor Scott Wendal of Valley Forge Baptist Temple in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, preached a sermon series on being involved in ministry. He urged us that as born again believers we need to be serving God. Just a few years ago, I preached a message with this challenge: “Each and every one of us should be using our spiritual gifts to be vessels of honor, ministering for God daily, no matter what our occupation is.” My occupation is a sales representative; my desire is to serve God. So, how do you get involved? Read prayer letters. In 2012 I met Bob Larson while helping a new church in Avondale, Arizona. I asked to start getting Bob’s prayer letters. You can find out a lot by reading prayer letters. I realized that Reseeding America was involved in new church plants as well as restarting existing churches. Think about this—establishing churches in America will in turn produce more missionaries from those churches, and also new churches will become supporting churches for missionaries. What an important work Reseeding America is doing! 14 Second, call or email missionaries for additional information about their ministries. Maybe you will read something and see a need you can meet. Do not ask them about the weather. You can Google that information. Missionaries are very busy, so keep calls or emails brief and to the point. It is a great way for you to introduce yourself to these folks who serve both in the States and abroad.