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Last, pray for God’s direction and look at your calendar and start planning. Nothing happens if we do not plan and schedule it. When I pray and plan, God either opens or closes a door in a definite way. This has happened on a number of occasions. Do not be afraid to pray and plan together. If your heart is sincere, God will direct clearly. Why do this? Why did I travel from Pennsylvania to California this past October? I wanted to be a blessing, to minister, and to encourage others. You may find a ministry to help that is within a couple hours drive or an hour or two flight from home. I have to believe there are several of you out there who can do this. Many laymen in our churches can take a weekend and use some frequent flyer miles or hotel points and make this a reality. You can encourage a new pastor by participating in distribution of tracts and door hangers with invitations or knocking on doors for soul winning. In many new churches there may not be a man to go with the pastor to knock on doors—you could be the man. Visiting a church plant and helping with Sunday morning setup will encourage any pastor. I implore you to step up to the challenge. Reseeding America has many opportunities and they do not require going overseas. Follow these biblical examples of encouragement: Moses had Joshua, David had Jonathan, and Paul had Barnabas. In a text message to me, Bob Larson said, “Thanks for your ministry of encouragement.” The question I am asking you, dear friend, is whom are you going to encourage in 2016? You will be a blessing, and you will be blessed. Yes, you can do this! W How Your Church Can Minister to a Struggling Church This new how-to publication is available through Reseeding America. The booklet will instruct and guide your congregation as they conduct a vital ministry that can help resurrect a dying church or church plant or church in decline. A DVD PowerPoint presentation is also included to introduce your people to the “Adopt a Church Ministry” and how they can be involved. For your copy of this new manual and accompanying DVD PowerPoint presentation, send a written request and a $15 donation to BIMI Reseeding America Fund, Account #553, PO Box 9, Harrison, TN 37341. Number 1, 2016 BIMI WORLD 15