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USA By Mack Woolard For 30 years Regina and I faithfully ministered to children in Junior church at Gateway Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. We started with flannelgraph presentations and eventually transitioned to PowerPoint projections that included illustrated Bible lessons with accompanying Scripture verses. Music was added, accompanied by projected song lyrics. In December 2012 we retired from our secular jobs and left Junior church in the hands of a young couple. Regina and I asked the Lord for direction for our remaining years. God brought to mind the sad things we had seen in nursing home facilities when we transported ambulatory seniors to church services. We had seen firsthand how seniors were shut in with little or no opportunity to hear the Word of God preached. Most had never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God was speaking to my heart. I mentioned this burden to my pastor, David Ellis, who encouraged me to act on it. Pastor Ellis contacted the activities director at a nearby nursing home. Regina and I met with her and scheduled our first presentation. Bible Time for Seniors was born. The presentation was well received. Folks were saved and believers were encouraged. God opened the door to weekly Bible Time presentations that consisted of traditional hymns played through a Bluetooth enabled speaker with lyrics projected onto a screen for sing-along; a Bible lesson with projected illustrations and Bible verses; and most importantly, a clear illustrated presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Regina led the music while I preached the Word. At the conclusion of the service, I invited them to repent and trust Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Tracts, along with John and Romans booklets, were distributed to all. This format continues today. At the first Bible Time presentation, I made the mistake of asking those who had prayed to receive Jesus to come forward and stand by me. When no one moved, I realized no one could move because they were all in wheelchairs! I promptly modified the request to “Please raise your hand to acknowledge you asked the Lord Jesus to save you.” 16 BIMI WORLD Number 1, 2016