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One of the first ones saved at a Bible Time event was Floyd, a stroke victim who had lost his ability to talk; however, his mind was fully alert. He indicated that he had asked Christ to save him by alternately pointing to his heart and pointing to the projector screen. When Floyd died a few months later, his daughter, having heard about Floyd’s close relationship with us, asked us to arrange a memorial service for him at Gateway Baptist Church. On the day of the service, a big bus arrived loaded with folks with canes, walkers, and wheelchairs. The church was filled with Floyd’s family and friends from his nursing home. Pastor Ellis gave a clear presentation of the Gospel and saw several hands go up at the invitation. Praise the Lord! Joy! We believe the key to the success of Bible Time for Seniors is a team of prayer partners all over the country who pray during each presentation for Holy Spirit power as the Gospel is preached. This mission field to seniors is indeed white unto harvest. God has since led us into full-time ministry as BIMI Associate Missionaries sent out from Gateway Baptist Church. Bible Time for Seniors has since evolved into a nationwide ministry. In the past two years, Regina and I have done presentations in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, and Utah. Many precious souls have accepted Jesus as Savior. We have seen God save a 100-year-old woman at a nursing home in Texas! God has led us, with the support of BIMI, to add a new dimension to our ministry by mentoring retirees at local church plants to minister at local senior facilities. Please pray for us as we minister to this neglected demographic. Also, pray for Regina as she battles cancer. W Number 1, 2016 BIMI WORLD 17