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experiencing great trauma from this brutal and senseless killing of a wonderful man of God. The National Bureau of Investigation told us the group responsible for the murder was planning to kill others in Brother Tellano’s group, especially his successor—who was me. They strongly advised me and my family to leave the area as we would not be safe there. Through several seemingly miraculous events, the Lord led Pastor Villacampa to start a church on Guimaras Island. He was greatly burdened for this place he described as “wholly given to pagan worship.”  It is famous for actually crucifying people during Easter. People come from around the world to see it. He began training men to be pastors in his nighttime Bible institute. Two years ago he started a Bible college for young people. The Lord has blessed this school. These Bible schools emphasize practical ministries for the students. Here is a testimony of one of Pastor Villacampa’s students: I am Elsa Gamuza of Alaguisoc, Jordan, Guimaras. My family were devoted Roman Catholics. We performed every ritual, but God didn’t like for my family to stay that way. He used someone from a Baptist church that taught us the plan of salvation. I accepted Christ as my Savior. I know I am saved and I am saved to serve. God has an assignment for me that cannot be done by anyone else. I don’t want to just be saved—I want to be HIS servant. I enrolled at Faith Community Baptist Institute of Jordan, Guimaras, under the leadership of Pastor Leomar Villacampa. When my family and friends knew I enrolled, they started to deride me. I heard insulting words and they scorned me. But God said in HIS Word “My grace is sufficient for thee.”  He is our refuge, a very present help in trouble. Now I am still in Bible school. I teach the extension Bible classes. I teach the children every Saturday and bring them Elsa Gamuza teaches children at her extension Bible class to church on Sunday. I am happy seeing people getting saved and growing in Christ! Pray for the pastors in the Philippines who are sacrificially serving the Lord to reach people with the Gospel. W Children brought to Pastor Villacampa’s church by Bible college students 20 BIMI WORLD Number 1, 2016