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from a central line train station and a 10-minute walk from the front gate of Yokota Air Base. The price is honest…about one million dollars. Our military folks are hard working and selflessly serving their country and making sacrifices in a foreign land. The LORD God surely loves this group of people and has demonstrated His will in reaching the troops here in Tokyo by sustaining the Yokota Baptist Church for some 40 years! It will be great to actually own the property and have the permanent location! That will be a blessing. Pray with us as we raise funds and step through the process to make this dream a reality. It is really wonderful to sit back and watch God do His work. He is in control. Mr. Shimizu is a great landlord, but we work with the Supreme Land-LORD! It all belongs to Him and I believe He wants to give it to us. W Daniel & Haruna McKittrick with Steve & Frankie Number 1, 2016 Nutt BIMI WORLD 25